4 Tips On Taking Care Of A Cat On A Budget

You might be a big cat lover and you must love your cat a lot. You will also want to provide the best for him or her with the minimum resources you have. You will also start to feel like you cannot afford a cat. Here are some easy tips on how you can handle a cat on a budget:

Make toys at home

You must make your own toys. Cats are generally very playful if you provide them with the right toys. You can try making your own toys. You can make a ball with some yarn or even a bag would do. Make sure the cats do not ingest the items as it can become fatal. You must find safe items for them to play like paper rolls and even pipe cleaners. The toys must make sounds when attacked or kicked and must roll around the room easily. These will be safe toy options for your cat if you are planning on having your own kennel soon.

Use coupons for cat food

You must shop at sales, use coupons, and even check out sites which offer discounts to find the best cat food available. You must remember to convert the money to your home currency too. You must evaluate the prices like if you can pay $18 for a 25 kg bag or $5 for a 4 kilo bag. If you have a loyalty card take the maximum benefits the card will offer you. If you find that one cat brand is too expensive you can skip it and buy something much cheaper.

Save on sand or litter stones

You must be having your own system for dealing with cat litter box issues. You might have to decide on the stones and sand in question. Sometimes your cat might end up peeing on the sides of the litter box too. You must buy a large litter box with high sides so that your cat can pee or poop in it. If you are unable to buy one, take a large old food tray with high sides and use it for your cat litter. You can even place this inside your cat kennel depending on how large the box and kennel is. Remember to scoop out the litter from the litter box so that it doesn’t become saturated in cat pee.

Make a cat tree at home

You must make your own cat tree so that your cat can climb and observe the surroundings, around the house. You can buy a cat tree for less than 30 dollars online but it can carry infection which can make your cat sick. If a tree has been previously sprayed on your cat will start marking on it too! You can make your own tree with some rope and wood so that your cat can climb and enjoy the view.

Overall, Cats are not expensive creatures if you know how to care for them the right way. They need clean food and shelter to thrive in and an owner who loves them more than anything in this world!

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